Peaceful Minds Weekly Wellbeing Groups

People who had finished our Head Space, Mindmate Families or Getting Back on Top courses have often asked if there was something they could keep going to and now there is!

Peaceful Minds is the new weekly wellbeing group run by Oblong for people who have been on one of our courses.

  • Free of charge
  • Refreshments provided
  • Run by volunteers who have been on our courses
  • Find better ways to deal with stress and improve your mood and motivation
  • Every week in Beeston and City Centre

Every week, participants will choose different topics and discuss them in small groups - you can suggest topics you want and talk about what you're interested in. It will be a chance to remind yourself of some of the things you've learned and to talk about new ideas and topics. 

How it works

  • Come on the weeks that you want to, no need to come every week
  • Please arrive for the start of the group
  • You can suggest topics to discuss at the beginning
  • Join whichever discussions or exercises interest you
  • Leave us a bit of feedback before you go
  • If it's your first week, you will have a short welcome chat with a facilitator
  • If you want to volunteer to help run the group, just let us know


Our Guidelines

  • Listen to others with respect and give everyone the chance to contribute. Please keep your phone on silent.
  • Act with patience and kindness, don't judge others.
  • Keep it polite - no insults, aggression or discrimination.
  • Remember that what works for you might not be right for other people
  • Confidentiality - what's said at the group stays in the group. The only exception to this is if we think that someone may be in danger. If this happens we'll talk to that person about it before contacting anyone else.
  • It's okay not to talk. Some weeks you might want to sit quietly and relax or do art or craft activities.
  • Please come sober. If you've been drinking you may be asked to leave.
  • Come as you are - sad, happy, tense, nervous, fed up or whatever. Peaceful Minds is a place where you can be yourself.


Where and when

  • Tuesdays, Hamara Healthy Living Centre, Tempest Road, Beeston, LS11 6RD Tuesdays 1pm - 3pm starting 15th August
  • Thursdays, Mill Hill Chapel, City Square, Leeds LS1 5EB (opposite the train station) 10.30 - 12.30 starting 24th August 


How to join

If you've been on Head Space, Getting Back on Top or Mindmate Families already, just come along to any of the groups at the start time. If it's your first week we'll ask you to fill in a short enrollment form and give you an introduction to the group. You can be sure of a friendly welcome! If you haven't been on any of our courses yet but are still interested in joining Peaceful Minds please get in touch and we'll put you on our waiting list. When the groups are established we aim to open them up to all. Contact