Post lockdown limited opening

Woodhouse Community Centre is now open on a limited basis.
For anyone on site we are still requiring masks and social distancing.
Reception & IT Suite will be open Monday to Thursday 10am-3pm. Subject to available staffing.


We are currently taking bookings for support groups, training, exercise classes, and some other well planned activities.


Due to the continued risk from Covid-19, we are carefully considering certain bookings for parties, gatherings or other social bookings on a case-by case basis.
For large or social bookings please email and we can discuss what precautions are necessary.



If you are in need of support while shielding or self-isolating, see for self referral options in the community. or call 0113 8980024

Safer Spaces statement

As a safe and welcoming space we expect everyone in the building to:

Respect other people and to treat them equally

Be sensitive to the needs of others

Be friendly and helpful


We will not tolerate:

Intimidation and harassment of any kind

Racism, sexism, homophobia and any other form of discrimination and prejudice

Violence or the threat of violence

The theft of other people’s belongings


We will do our best to make the space as safe as possible.
Let us know about any problems


If anyone is being abusive, offensive, disruptive or insensitive, we will let them know clearly. If they don’t stop, we will ask them to leave. If they respond with hostility or threatening behaviour, they will be banned from the centre for at least a month.