MindMate Families

MindMate Families is Oblong's course for parents who want to give their children calmer, more confident, happier lives. It's a seven-week course that can be run by any school or voluntary organisation. The full session plan and materials are available on the MindMate Champions website (you'll need to sign up first): https://mindmatechampions.org.uk

Here are some useful links for parents and young people:

Help in Leeds for children and young people:

Information and support for parents in Leeds 

Information about a whole range of topics for parents who are worried about their children

The hot air balloon ride - a guided relaxation for children:

Finger breathing - a useful way for children (and adults) to calm themselves in stressful situations


About the MindMate Families course

Modern life can be tough for children:

  • Bullying
  • Anger
  • Low self-esteem
  • Isolation
  • School stress
  • Anxiety

Mindmate is a seven-week course for parents that will give you tried and tested methods for helping your children bounce back from stressful and difficult times. It’s free of charge and coming soon to your child’s school.

Every week, in a small group, we’ll learn some ideas that you can use as a family to teach your children better ways to keep themselves calm, positive and happy. It’s a good chance to share ideas and experiences with other parents and work out how you can put them into practice in your family.

We believe that all parents are experts - experts in their own children, who know them better than anyone and want the best for them. Parents are also the most important teachers that their children will ever have and this course will help your teach your children the skills they need for a happier, calmer, more confident life.