COVID-19 Closure

Woodhouse Community Centre is still closed to the public for the time being to protect public health.

You may wish to join our mailing list to be kept up to date with our response to this unprecendented situation.


We are looking at solutions to open for the purposes most needed by our community, but we aren't open to the general public, and have quite a bit of work to do until we can do this safely.


We estimate we will be open for some kinds of bookings from September, and will be working on IT suite opening after that.

We are available for questions via email and phone during office hours - / 0113 2459610

Main Oblong office will not be occupied.


If you are in need of support while shielding or self-isolating, you can call 0113 378 1877 (LCC city-wide helpline [additional information]) or 0113 8980034 (Woodhouse Mutual Aid group)



Help Oblong create active, flourishing communities

Donations are incredibly important to us. As a charity we rely on grants and contracts to pay for the work we do but we rely on you to help us go beyond that and work with the harder to reach people in new and interesting ways. If you wish to make an online donation or send by post or leave a gift in your will please click on the links and follow the instructions. Together with your donation we can make Woodhouse flourish.


£5 per month could pay a volunteer ESOL teachers travel to come and teach a free class to an asylum seeker or refugee OR £5 could pay for all the teaching materials for three courses on a Mental Wellbeing course.


‘’The class is always fun, but every week we have an adequate amount of exercises and homework as well. Handouts are given and useful. This is a free English class but high quality!!’’ 



£10 a month could help our Reception and Admin volunteers pay towards their childcare costs while they get valuable experience that will help them find paid work or future education OR £10 could pay for one person to attend a seven week Mental Wellbeing course.


‘’(we should) offer and extend the training for community members and groups in Leeds’’


£20 per month can help us support grassroots groups to help turn ideas into projects OR pay for a volunteer to provide a free, healthy meal for volunteers, community members and centre users. 


“It’s helped me to grow, this course - I feel I’ve blossomed! At the beginning I was maybe zero, now I’m ten. And I feel it, I honestly feel it because there’s been a lot of changes in me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course.”                                                                                                                  Course participant, Lincoln Green


£50 a month could provide space and dinner for 30 people in the community centre during our Community Conversation Dinners where people are invited to come and have a say about what happens in their communities OR £50 a month could pay for a whole Mental Wellbeing course for 10 people.


"Everything was out of control, I felt vulnerable but now I’ve more control...I’m much calmer and seeing more of my old self. I think it’s good that there has been funding for this course. To me it was vital that it was available. I realised I didn’t want to be a victim - I’ve got my self respect back!''       Course participant, Woodhouse