Community Engagement Volunteer



Role Title: Community Engagement Volunteer


Time commitment: 2 - 7 hours a week (flexible according to your free time)


Role description: To help develop our new volunteer led project, “The 7 Wonders of Woodhouse”. We think our community is marvelous, we’d like to work with a group of volunteers to help us share that with the rest of Leeds. The aim of the project is to work with our community to show off it’s strengths, skills and interests.


Main tasks: Engage the local community in discussions around it’s strengths. Help create community projects that reflect our community's assets, skills and interests. Explore new ways to celebrate the identity of the local community. Create a record of the projects and their outcomes.


Skills description: The ability to talk to the public, face to face. A passion for community engagement. The ability to help people identify and develop ideas.


Benefits from this role/Support given: We will provide training and on-going support through regular supervision. Further volunteer opportunities and opportunity to create own projects.


Any other Requirements: We are looking to recruit disadvantaged adults to this project. Some of the things we would consider when deciding if an applicant is suitable for the project include:

  • Are they in employment?

  • Do they have history of ill health or mental ill health?

  • Are they in receipt of benefits?

  • What level of qualifications they have?

  • Are they an asylum seeker?


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