Working in Our Community


Community Newsletter with Wonders of Woodhouse! 

This volunteer-led project is all about community engagement. We are still working on building networks within the communities around Woodhouse, Little London and Hyde Park. We are working on creating a community newsletter and online news blog to showcase what Oblong, tenants and centre users do in Woodhouse Community Centre, what's going on in the local community, and to showcase the creativity, ideas, issues and diversity on our local communities. 


We currently meet every Thursday from 3-4pm but we are flexible in our meeting times and spaces. If you would like to get involved or know of news or things in the local community please get in touch. 

Some other ideas in the pipeline are:

  • Community Conversations  - talks with and by local people on a variety of topics. Monthly. With food to share. 
  • Workshops on tackling racism and xenophobia. 
  • Skill-Sharing sessions on variety on themes. 
  • Kids toy library. 
  • Festival at Woodhouse Community Centre: Open Day. 


These are some of many projects planned around community engagement and development. If you are interested in any of these or have some ideas of your own please get in touch! We want you! 

Check out our Volunteer Application