Head Space

Feel confident, feel calm, feel positive

Head Space is a programme of seven weekly sessions that will help you to deal with the tough times in life that happen to us all. Learn techniques for relaxation, coping with stress and positive thinking. Find your strengths, meet new people and get new perspectives.


Who is it for? Anyone who wants to build up their confidence and find better ways to deal with stress. Head Space isn’t therapy, it’s about trying out ideas for yourself and choosing the ones that work best for you. We've run courses for parents, job seekers, mental health service users, women's groups and community centres.


What will you get out of it? People who have gone on Head Space before have found it useful for increasing their confidence and finding new direction in life. It has helped some people to find employment or training, others have found better ways of dealing with difficulties with family or friends and others have started new hobbies, social activities or exercise.

We are now taking bookings for courses from June 2019 . Please contact Amber at amber@oblongleeds.org.uk  for the following courses

June 4th - July 16th at Lovell Park Hub, 10:30am - 12:30pm, Tuesdays 

June 13th - August 1st, Otley, 2:30 - 4:30pm, Thursdays 

or Mark at mark@oblongleeds.org.uk for following courses

June 3rd - July 8th at Woodhouse Community Centre, 12-2pm, Mondays

Limited capacity so book early! Call us on 0113 2459610 for more information


If you are an organisation looking to arrange a course with us, please get in touch. Click on the links below for more information:

Head Space - information for partner organisations