Basic IT Tutor



Role Title: Basic Tutor


Time commitment: 3 hours a week


Role description: To support and help individuals develop confidence and skills in using a computer and the internet.


Main tasks: Plan and deliver basic IT sessions. Prepare any teaching materials that you may use. Assess the needs of learners and if necessary adapt course content and delivery style to meet these needs. Keep records of learners’ progress and ensure learners are given feedback on their progress. Ensure that all required paperwork, including enrolment forms, learning outcomes forms are completed.


Skills description: No formal teaching qualification required though confidence around basic IT and good communication skills are essential.


Benefits from this role/Support given: Volunteers will have to attend our volunteer induction and will be expected to attend either our Helping Other Learn or Working in a Volunteer Led Project. Regular support and supervision is provided.


Any other Requirements: We are looking to recruit disadvantaged adults to this project. Some of the things we would consider when deciding if an applicant is suitable for the project include:

  • Are they in employment?
  • Do they have history of ill health or mental ill health?
  • Are they in receipt of benefits?
  • What level of qualifications they have?
  • Are they an asylum seeker?


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